Rain is the focus for the next couple of days – Mark

What we’re tracking

The Central Basin and West plains will see some freezing rain and temperatures in the lower 40s on Monday. Expect the rain to last through Tuesday, and we could see 1-1.5 inches. Urban flooding and clogged drains will be an issue. Temperatures will dip back down towards the end of the week.

Here’s the 5 p.m. forecast for rain, with some freezing rain around Moses Lake:

Mon Rain 5pm Forecast

Mon Am 4 Things

Plan your day

Expect lots of rain and wet roads. The water will pond up around areas where ice/snow are clogging drains. Lots of roads and sidewalks are really icy, so be cautious when traveling today.

Mon Mid 12 Hrs

Spokane and Coeur d’Alene forecast

The rain will last for quite a while with warmer weather, however temperatures will dip later in the week. Expect these inconvenient weather conditions to last until New Years.

Mon Planning2