#4ThePeople: Race for U.S. Senate heating up in Washington

SPOKANE, Wash. — During their final meeting ahead of Election Day, challenger Tiffany Smiley and incumbent Patty Murray faced off, fielding questions directly from voters in a Town Hall discussion.

“What might be the best way to reunite a country beyond your individual political views?” one voter asked.

“What is your position on gun control to curb the violence in Washington (state)?” asked another.

Both candidates stayed true to form, reiterating their well-known stances, while re-establishing the main focal points behind their campaigns. Murray touted her commitment to lower the cost of childcare, while Smiley showcased her fearless attitude towards challenging “big government.”

While it’s been three decades since Washington state sent a Republican Senator to Congress, Tiffany Smiley is closing the gap.

FiveThirtyEight, a polling website, has been tracking seven different polls for this race. They’ve taken the average numbers from each poll, and posted the findings on their website.

In late August, Murray had a comfortable double-digit lead over Smiley. Fast-forward to October 29th and Smiley has clawed to within 7 points.

Though it’s important to note that no poll is a perfect indication of where any one race stands.

With this race tightening up, both candidates are doubling down on spending.

According to ‘Open Secrets,’ Senator Murray has spent over $20 million on her campaign, with roughly $1.5 million still in hand.

Smiley has spent just below $15 million, with an estimated $1.7 million left to play. In the past 7 days, Smiley has released three new political ads, two of which targeting Murray for increased crime and rising prices.

Murray has released several ads of her own, scrutinizing Smiley’s pro-life stance and praising her actions to lower prescription drug costs.

Election day is November 8.

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