QQ Sushi cleared to reopen after health inspection from viral videos

The owner QQ Sushi holding back tears as he talks to a reporter

SPOKANE, Wash. — QQ Sushi & Kitchen has been cleared to reopen after a health inspection.

The Spokane Regional Health District investigated the restaurant, which closed after viral Facebook videos allegedly showed workers preparing food in dishes on the floor.

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The District said that they carried out their inspection and spoke with the owner – though all of the concerns had been addressed by the time they arrived. They did provide education on food handling, and say it is now up to the owner as to when the restaurant will reopen.

QQ initially closed on Monday, though the restaurant gave no explanation as to why. When 4 News Now went there that day, people were scrubbing the place down, top to bottom.

County records showed that the restaurant has had violations in the past few years.