Pullman teenager accused of killing high school student pleads guilty

Pullman teenager accused of killing high school student pleads guilty

The teenager accused of killing a Pullman High School student last summer has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, according to Evan Ellis of KQQQ News.

17-year-old Keagan Tennant pleaded guilty to several felonies Tuesday in a Latah County Second District courtroom including involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, and concealing evidence and robbery. In return for the plea, prosecutors reduced an attempted murder charge down to assault and dropped additional felonies for conspiracy and failing to report a death.

Tennant fatally shot 18-year-old Tim Reeves during a camping trip near Troy in July. The teenagers were pointing guns at each other when Tennant fired the fatal shot. He then fired two rounds at a 17-year-old witness. 18-year-old Matthew McKetta of Moscow, Idaho, then allegedly helped Tennant try to hide Reeves’ body.

Authorities say the teens then carjacked a vehicle in Moscow and fled the area before being arrested a few days later in Curlew, Washington. McKetta still faces five felonies for his involvement.

Tennant’s maximum sentence could be life in prison but will will begin serving his term at a juvenile facility. He can be kept in the juvenile facility up until he’s 21. It will then be the decision of Judge John Stegner to decide if he continues to serve his pending sentence in prison.

Tennant is scheduled to be sentenced in adult court on March 20.