Pullman PD to suggest parking fine increase

Inexpensive tickets lead to low compliance rates
Pullman PD to suggest parking fine increase

Pullman Police will propose raising parking fines for the first time since 2000 at the City Council meeting tonight.

Pullman’s parking fines are well below average rates in other similarly sized cities, according to an October 2017 survey looking at parking infraction fines in 13 Washington and two Idaho cities. Pullman PD will recommend raising the costs of these fines to be closer to prices in other cities. The department also expects steeper fines to lead to a decrease in illegal parking.

PPD will recommend implementing a progressive fine structure, meaning fines will increase each time an individual gets a ticket. For example, Pullman’s current fine for parking too close to a fire hydrant is $25 each time. Under PPD’s recommendations, the fine would be $50 the first time, $150 the second and $250 for the third.

You can find the full story on The Daily Evergreen.