Students, former classmates speak out on Idaho murder suspect’s behavior

PULLMAN, Wash. — Bryan Kohberger, a suspect in the murders of four University of Idaho students, lived in an off-campus apartment in Pullman.

The parking lot of Kohberger’s complex is always full of cars. Neighbors say there’s a lot of white vehicles, like Hyundai Elantras, the car police were looking for.

Many are now in shock after police say the person who killed four U of I students lived there.

It’s a community of young families, along with U.S. and international students, who live at the Steptoe Village Apartments right off Valley Road.

Some said Kohberger would come home late, including a neighbor who said she knew when he was home when his headlights flashed through her window.

Most said it never crossed their mind to report a white Elantra.

“He was pretty strict as far as grading goes,” said Hayden Stinchfield, who had Kohberger as a Teacher’s Assistant in a Criminology class.

Many students who knew about Kohberger are now in disbelief after receiving the news about his arrest.

“It was just totally jarring, totally shocking to realize that this person that had been grading my papers was allegedly this horrible murderer,” Stinchfield said.

Kohberger grew up in Pennsylvania, and his longtime classmate said he had a possible obsession with crime.

“He’s always been curious to how the human mind works, and especially how it relates to crime, to criminals,” said Jack Baylis, who grew up with Kohberger in Pennsylvania.

Some said they noticed changes in Koberger’s behavior towards the end of the semester.

“He just didn’t look like he was doing great,” Stinchfield said.

Some families say they want to move away from Steptoe Village after finding out its caught up in the Moscow murders.

Kohberger’s next court appearance will be on Tuesday in Pennsylvania, where he’s expected to accept extradition to Idaho.

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