Public health advisories issued for toxic algae in Hayden and Fernan lakes

Hayden Lake Algae Bloom
Panhandle Health District

Before you head to the lake this weekend, keep in mind that there have been public health advisories issued for Hayden Lake and Fernan Lake due to toxic blue-green algae.

Panhandle Health District and the Department of Environmental Quality say blue-green algae have been found in parts of Hayden Lake.

People will know they’re at risk if they see the discolored blooms and streaks of scum on the shorelines. This is especially important to avoid for pets, kids, the elderly and anyone who is immunocompromised.

READ: Health advisory issued for toxic algae bloom in Hayden Lake 

That’s not the only North Idaho lake with blue-green algae in it. Fernan Lake also has a public health advisory issued for anyone heading there. The algae was found across the entire lake.

Ingesting the bacteria can produce dangerous toxins, and can be harmful for pets, kids, elderly people and anyone with weak immune systems.

READ: Public health advisory issued for blue-green algae in Fernan Lake