Providence postponing some non-emergency surgeries due to influx of COVID hospitalizations

Sacred Heart Medical Center
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Providence Health Care has postponed some non-emergency surgeries and procedures at local hospitals due to increased COVID hospitalizations. 

The move is effective immediately at Sacred Heart Medical Center and Holy Family Hospital. 

“We realize that all procedures and surgeries are very important to patients and we will work with each patient on a case-by-case basis to reschedule and provide necessary care,” said Communications Manager Ariana Lake. 

This is the third time Providence has had to postpone some non-emergency surgeries. It’s like a broken record for doctors, the same things coming back around.

“We’re tired of seeing people die. We’re tired of seeing people really ill. And, now we have a solution. If you have an answer to this in front of you, why would you not choose to take it, especially with the preponderance of evidence we have now that shows it’s clearly safe?” said Dr. Dan Getz, the chief medical officer with Providence.

Hospitals across the country have been dealing with rising COVID hospitalizations as the Delta variant surges; On Monday, Kootenai Health was at a “critical” level of COVID hospitalizations.

Hospitalizations in Spokane County are increasing again, too. 4 News now spoke with Getz just last Thursday; then, he said operations were doing okay, not needing to postpone surgeries yet. Just five days later, Providence announced the rescheduling of non-emergency surgeries.

Over those five days, more than two dozen people went to the hospital with COVID.

The majority of people hospitalized for COVID currently are people who have not been vaccinated. Getz says 98 percent of people hospitalized are people who haven’t received their shot.

Getz says this hospitalization surge is different than the others. They’re seeing more young to middle-aged people rather than the elderly. There’s that, then he says there’s now a way people can get prevent going into hospitals.

Earlier this month, Providence announced it would require all caregivers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by September. 

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