Protesters rally against Gov. Inslee’s extended stay home order outside Spokane Co. Courthouse

SPOKANE, Wash. —  Protesters packed the front lawn of the Spokane County Courthouse on Friday, eager to reopen Washington businesses despite Governor Inslee’s extended stay home order and plans to slowly reopen the economy. 

The protesters were joined by Spokane Valley Rep. Matt Shea, who encouraged businesses to open as soon as Monday. 

To that, the crowd began chanting ‘Monday! Monday!’ 

Governor Inslee said the stay home order will be extended through May 31 during a COVID-19 response update on Friday. 

That said, he did implement a four-phase plan to reopen the economy, which will begin Tuesday. 

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During the first phase, restrictions on construction, golfing, and outdoor activities will be loosened. Protocols on allowing retail curbside pickup, car washing, and more are in the works and Inslee says are expected to be in place by May 15. 

Speakers at the protest said the state’s COVID-19 response has been a ‘political power grab’ and that they don’t believe the public’s risk of contracting the virus is worth shutting down the economy.

“I have said that our return to normal will still not look the way things did before this virus until we have pharmaceutical interventions such as a vaccine,” Inslee said.

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