Protecting your plants from the heatwave

SPOKANE, Wash. — Different plants require different levels of care during the summer, but in this heatwave, you will want to keep a close eye on them.

Whether it’s your potted plants or the ones out in your garden, they’ll need extra care when it’s hot and dry outside.

The big thing to remember is to water your plants more often, and plan to do it two-to-three times each day for the next few weeks.

Something else you want to keep in mind is to not over-fertilizing your plants. Alan Creach with The Plant Farm said you can lightly fertilize plants that need it.

“You might think in terms of fertilizer every holiday through the summer. So we just went through our Memorial Day, we have Fourth of July coming up and then Labor Day,” Creach said. “So there’s three different time frames that we can be fertilizing. It kind of triggers our memory. And so we can hit that with a quality fertilizer, a slow release fertilizer, basically every four weeks, five weeks, something like that.”

There are also some plants that weather the hot temperatures better than others. Annuals like fountain grass plants and petunias do well in and love the sunlight.

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