Protecting The Investment In Your Gas Tank

SPOKANE — Gas is getting so expensive it’s becoming more of an investment than just an everyday purchase.

That’s why, with gas over $4 a gallon, consumers are gaining some peace of mind – and security for their gas tanks – by getting locking gas caps for their vehicle.

“Every time that someone comes in for a gas cap they are looking for a locking one just because they have been getting their gas stolen,” Assistant NAPA Auto Parts Store Manager Jeff Seehorn said.

Seehorn’s store has sold over 100 locking gas caps since the first of June. Don Cuculich works at a Chevron gas station in downtown Spokane and says his business can’t keep locking gas caps in stock because of consumer demand.

“When it’s four dollars and 17 cents a gallon their main concern is loss,” Don said. “At that price you don’t want to lose fuel if somebody’s siphoning it out of their gas can it’s expensive to replace.”

A locking gas cap costs anywhere from $12 to $25.