Protect yourself against “porch pirates”

Protect yourself against “porch pirates”

With more than 29 million Americans falling victim to porch pirates last year alone, it’s important to play it safe on this Cyber Monday.

President of Huppin’s, Murray Huppin, says Cyber Monday is the busiest day of the year inside of Huppin’s Warehouse in Spokane.

“It’s an invented holiday that started probably about 10 years ago and I think its great,” said Huppin.

Huppin’s is shipping hundreds of online orders. This includes some 122 million Americans scooping up bargains online, according to the National Retail Federation.

Spokane mother Annika Marshall enjoys finding the best deals.

“During the holidays, I probably do about 90 percent of my shopping online,” she said.

But aside from the fun, Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Gregory says after you make the online orders, it’s porch pirates you need to look out for.

“Just generally be aware that there are people at porches or by cars looking for an easy opportunity to ruin somebody’s holiday season,” Gregory said.

Gregory says the best thing to do is plan ahead.

“Have it delivered to a neighbor’s home that your trust or have it delivered to a family member’s home, utilize in-store pick up. You can also consider insuring packages,” he said.

“I keep a really close of the tracking and I know when it is dropped off. I also c an always send it to family member’s home,” said Marshall.

“Be careful and consider this; if it’s easy for somebody to take, there’s a chance that somebody is going to take it. Don’t give criminals an easy opportunity to ruin your day,” said Gregory.

You can also have your online orders mailed to the Amazon Locker at the Huppin’s on Division. This is the only Amazon Locker in Spokane.

Murray Huppin says you can pick up your orders 24/7 at the Amazon Locker that way you don’t have to worry about your package being left at your office or home.