‘Protect us, not guns’

‘Protect us, not guns’

Hundreds of people of all ages gathered at the Friendship Square in downtown Moscow, Idaho, to protest gun violence in wake of recent school shootings.

A small marching band played music as people started to gather and organizers handed out signs which said, “March for Our Lives” and “Students Demand Action”.

“No adults are talking about the issue of gun control,” Megan Kaus, an Idaho public school student, said. “It is up to the kids of this generation to initiate the change”

She also hopes Saturday’s march will create more forward momentum in creating a peaceful future by restricting gun access.

Hundreds of thousands of students like Kaus took to the streets of cities nationwide as part of the March for Our Lives movement to demand legislative change to prevent gun violence.

Molly Pannkuk, a teacher at Moscow Elementary School, was one of many who handed out signs and said she believes it is important for people of all ages to get involved with this cause.

“People on both sides of the issue need to find common ground on the topic of gun control and legislative reform needs to take place to keep students safe,” Pannkuk said, “and arming teachers is not the solution.”

From the Friendship Square, the march proceeded down Main Street and turned on East Third Street to East City Park where protesters rallied, a live band performed and organizers gave speeches.

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