Prosecutors: Woman killed in brutal attack chosen at random

Remains found in Bothell homicide, person of interest sought
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A 23-year-old Bellevue man has been charged with murder in the torture, rape and stabbing of a woman in North Seattle.

The Seattle Times reports Michael Giordano was charged Wednesday with aggravated first-degree murder because prosecutors say he killed 63-year-old Jennifer Ayers with premeditated intent during the course of committing robbery, rape, burglary and arson.

Giordano’s bail was set at $10 million.

Police say as officers knocked on Ayers’ door Monday morning to check on her at her Lake City home. Police say officers discovered smoke, entered through an unlocked door and found Ayers’ body partially on fire.

Giordano was arrested in Seattle’s Pioneer Square hours later after firefighters called police about a possible assault.

Charging documents say Giordano told police he made statements about committing a homicide and said he picked the victim at random.