Prosecutors Seek DNA, Psychiatric Tests From Kevin Coe

SPOKANE – State prosecutors Friday will ask a judge to allow them to collect DNA from Kevin Coe that could be used against the convicted rapist in his civil commitment trial this summer.

Spokane County Superior Court Judge Kathleen O’Connor will be asked to order a cheek swab from Coe to compare his DNA to that of a semen sample taken by a hospital lab technician from a Spokane rape victim in 1980.

Tim Trageser, Coe’s appointed defense attorney, has asked O’Connor to delay ruling and schedule another hearing so the state can explain why the cheek swab is needed.

The state contends it already has matched Coe’s DNA to the semen sample, but needs the new swab to confirm the match. Coe’s DNA profile is on file because he was convicted of a sex crime.

The 59-year-old Coe served 25 years for a rape conviction, but was not released when his sentence ended in September because the state wants to commit him as a sexually violent predator.

Tomorrow’s hearing also will determine the scope of psychological testing Coe will undergo before his scheduled July 16th civil commitment trial.