Proposed ordinance would limit how loud protests could get outside Spokane health care facilities

Planned Parenthood Protests
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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Church at Planned Parenthood’s service was a bit quieter on Wednesday. 

The church meets outside the building located on E. Indiana Ave each month but, this time, police walked around with audio meters to monitor noise levels.  

Some have argued the monthly gathering is getting too loud, impacting patients inside Planned Parenthood. 

An ordinance to restrict the amount of noise outside health care facilities like Planned Parenthood isn’t in place yet, but the Spokane City Council is considering one. 

If the ordinance passes, demonstrators like the ones at Church of Planned Parenthood could be ticketed or even jailed for exceeding noise limits. 

Pastor Ken Peters says his services are something he’s willing to go to jail for. 

Peters also said if the ordinance passed, it could open up a lawsuit because he believes it’s a violation of the First Amendment. 

The Spokane City Council is scheduled to put the issue to a vote on Monday.