Proposed bill would make free and reduced meals more accessible to Washington students

#happylife: Spice up your child’s school lunches!
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OLYMPIA, Wash. — A proposed bill aims to make sure no child in a Washington school goes hungry. 

Senate Bill 6672, introduced by Senator Maureen Walsh, would make it so each student could access one federally reimbursable meal per meal service. 

The bill would make breakfast more accessible to students, going as far as to offer it in class after the bell has rung. 

Each school district would have to request that parents fill out the household income survey provided, which would determine a child’s eligibility for free or reduced meals.  

All money in the School Hunger Reinvestment account is used to enhance student access to free meals. 

Schools with more than 40% of students qualified for free or reduced meals would get priority to the account, as well as districts that offer breakfast after the bell.