Preparing and protecting your home against wildfires this Wildfire Awareness Month

Wildfire season in the Spokane region
Protecting your home against the threat of a wildfire

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — With dry and windy weather usually comes the threat of wildfires in our region.

And there have been fires in past years that have taken out numerous homes.

But there are ways to protect your home from catching fire and give firefighters time to contain it.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department said having a clear, green space within five feet of your home will prevent any sparks from getting too close to your house.

They said it’s important whether or not you live in a woodsy area.

This means trimming your trees and getting rid of any stacks of wood near your home or pine needles that may be on the roof.

Every Friday this month, Spokane Valley firefighters will also host an informational Facebook live for Wildfire Awareness Month.