Pre-order and pick up local farmers’ market items with Share.Farm

SPOKANE, Wash. — If you’re not comfortable going in person to a farmers’ market this year or you don’t feel like walking around with all the new changes in place, you can use Share.Farm to pre-order and pick up.

Fairwood Farmers’ Market opened on May 12th and was the first to use the Spokane-based service.

Other markets using Share.Farm are the Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake Farmers’ Markets as well as the Kendall Yards Night Market.

Right now, you can order items, but only if a vendor is working with Share.Farm directly.

All orders must also come in by 5 p.m. the day before market day.

This gives the vendors time to harvest and put together the orders.

Each market has its own way for you to pick up your order, but Fairwood has been doing curbside pickup.

You can download the Share.Farm app or go to to begin ordering from your market of choice.

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