How you can stay prepared for power outages in high-wind situations

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s expected to be a cold, wet, and windy weekend in our region; wind gusts are expected to reach 40-50 mph, following a brief snowstorm on Friday.

“I think there’s most likely going to be some power outages that occur,” said Jon Fox, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Fox has hypothesized that this upcoming snowfall, coupled with the unusually high amount of leaves still attached to trees, could cause some problems, as it adds additional weight on the branches. This could result in more damage, should wind rip branches from trees and into houses or power lines.

Though that’s only expected to occur in isolated instances across the region, it’s worth learning how you can stay prepared.

Avista offers the following tips ahead this weekend’s weather systems:

  • Load up on light sources, like flashlights.
  • Stock up on fully charged batteries.
  • Refuel your generator and make sure it’s operating properly.
  • Keep tree branches trimmed.

If residents are concerned about trees on their property or branches that hang adjacent to powerlines, they recommend that you call their offices. A vegetation expert will visit your property and evaluate what steps to take.

Should your power go out, report that outage as soon as possible. Avista tells 4 News Now they will have crews standing by during these systems, ready to restore power in a moment’s notice.

You can learn more here, on Avista’s website.

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