Power outages leave families in the dark Thanksgiving Day

California power outages affect businesses
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Businesses prepare for another round of widespread outages.

Some families in Michigan spent their Thanksgiving Day in the dark, due to power outages that happened late Wednesday evening.

Families used generators and barbecue grills to make sure they still have a Thanksgiving meal.

“I got two freezers, an upright, a chest freezer and I got a refrigerator in the kitchen,” said Bob Graham.

Last night, the lights went out for the graham’s around 9:30. Their first thoughts?

“My dinner. Here we go again,” said Bob and Donna Graham.

This isn’t the Graham’s first rodeo dealing with power outages living in rural northern Livingston county. Sure it’s inconvenient not to have it. But with a little improvising, they took their kitchen outside.

“We’re cooking everything we can on the grill. Potatoes, the gravy, the sweet potatoes. I already made the desserts yesterday and some of the salads yesterday,” Donna said.

As for the big bird, that’s in the turkey cooker. Donna and bob were certainly on their A game prepping for the big meal, and for that they’re grateful.

“I could have done nothing yesterday. We wouldn’t have had any desserts or anything,” Donna said.

Sure they’d like the lights back on by dinner time, but until then they’re making do with what they’ve got.

“We’re enjoying it. We have family around us. We’ll get through it,” Bob said.