Post Fall’s Melody Kempton

Post Fall’s Melody Kempton

For the high school athletes fortunate enough to continue playing at the college level, choosing which school can be the most intense decision they’ve made in their life. Not the case for Post Fall’s Melody Kempton.

“So I called them, and I was like, so did you for sure offer me, because it’s kind of confusing with the wording and everything, so I was like I just want to know if you’re for sure offering me, because I’m like, I’m ready to accept now if you are.”

Gonzaga, the team that gave Kempton her first dose of NCAA women’s basketball, as she watched in awe from the stands.

“I loved Gonzaga, ever since I was little, my dad and parents would always take me to go to all the games, as a team, with my younger teams like fifth and sixth grade, you know we’d all go to the games together and get all dressed up.”

In a year’s time, she’ll be dressed up in a real Zags uniform, not too surprising with the stack of awards Kempton has accumulated.

“You know, she’s a three time player of the year, probably be four-time player of the year after this year, she’s probably going to end up our leading scorer in the history of post falls, and leading rebounder, you know, everything we do starts with her and then everybody kind of feeds off what she does.”

And she does some special things outside of basketball too. She’s a star track and field athlete and she’s sporting a 4.0 GPA while taking college-level classes.

“My competitiveness has caused me to want to be better than people in the classroom, and on the court and I think that’s what’s really fueled to be where I am today.”

That competitiveness helped lead the Trojans to the Idaho 5A state semifinals last season, where they lost by three of the most motivating points Kempton can remember.

“If I would have just rebounded one more shot, if I would’ve boxed out a little harder, if I would have just gotten back on this one fast break, that’s what’s going to win us or lose us the state championship this year.”

A state championship is still the goal in her final season, but regardless of the outcome, the mark she’s already left in Post Falls is clear.

“I coach her in track also, she’s a three-time state champ in that too, so she’s made me look good for four years, so yeah I’ll miss her.”