Post Falls dental office gives veterans a reason to smile

Post Falls dental office gives veterans a reason to smile

In honor of Veterans Day, a Post Falls dental office offered free dental work for all veterans.

Iraq War veteran Lani Kulp stopped by Woodland Family Dental Friday night since his counselor at the VA suggested it and it turns out he’s in for a Veterans Day treat.

“I’m actually getting a crown done and the only thing they are having me pay is lab fees which is $200 and normally a crown is $1000 dollars. It’s amazing they are willing to help!” Kulp said.

Kulp is one of 23 patients Dr. Dave and Sunnshine Welton, along with five staff members are helping.

“We’ve always given back to the community that we live in,” said Dr. Sunnshine Welton.

They came in on their day off to provide dental services like cleanings, x-rays, and fillings free of charge, amounting to $23,000.

“I just feel like veterans give their all to us and they deserve something back in return for their service, so this is my way of giving back for what they’ve done for me for my freedoms. I get choked up. I think I really appreciate how they spend time away from families. This is my sacrifice and it is nothing to what these people give,” Dr. Sunnshine Welton said.

The dentists have been working non stop since seven Friday morning.

They say they now have a waiting list of 30 more veterans they plan next year.

“To be honest, I really appreciate it, especially on a fixed income. Just thank you for your kindness, from bottom of my heart. I know all veterans, including myself, all of us greatly appreciate it,” Kulp said.