Poll: Views Still Differ Sharply By Race

WASHINGTON — In an election year marked by Barack Obama’s historic candidacy, a new poll suggests a wide gap remains between white and black Americans.

The Associated Press-Yahoo News poll, conducted with Stanford University, suggests a substantial portion of white Americans still harbor negative feelings toward blacks.

The survey of more than 2,200 people found that one-fourth of white Democrats ascribed at least two negative attributes to blacks. Still, two-thirds of those Democrats said they will vote for Obama.

When asked “how much discrimination against blacks” exists, 10 percent of white responders said “a lot.” Among blacks, that figure was 57 percent.

And while some believe Obama’s appeal to young voters shows a new generation with fewer racial biases, the survey found no meaningful difference among age groups in whites’ perceptions of blacks.

It could all mean Obama faces a steeper climb for the White House because of his race.