Polish President: Missile Defense Should Go Ahead

WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s president says if the U.S. decides to scrap plans for a missile defense base in his country, it could strain Washington’s relationship with Warsaw.

On TVN24, President Lech Kaczynski says such a move would “not be a friendly gesture” toward Poland. But he says he expects the U.S. will honor the agreement made with the Bush administration last summer to set up 10 missile defense interceptors in Poland.

Plans for the system so close to Russia’s borders have irked Moscow and tattered its relationship with Washington. President Barack Obama says he wants to “reset” relations and has announced a full-scale review of the program.

Kaczynski says missile defense is “extremely important for Poland.” And says suggestions the plans could be scrapped “raises the question of whether the victim of such an agreement should be a very loyal ally like Poland.”