Police Track Footprints To Make Arrests

SPOKANE — It was a terrifying situation for one Spokane man Wednesday morning. At about three o’clock, Bill Robinson awoke from a deep sleep to find two burglars at the foot of his bed.

Robinson said the burglars were shouting and ordering him around, “I heard someone screaming obscenities, ordering me not to move and to roll over.. bright flashlights were in my eyes I couldn’t see anything but two shadowy figures with the flashlights.”

The two intruders then proceeded to tie Robinson and his girlfriend to their bed using electrical cord, shoe laces and masking tape.

Robinson remembers the experience in detail, “They tied our feet to the foot of the bed, it’s an iron bed with bars so its an easy tie up and they tied our hands behind our backs.”

According to police the pair then began to rummage through Robinson’s home for half an hour, demanding money from Robinson.

When the robbers finally left, Robinson untied himself and called 911.

When police arrived on scene they noticed footprints in the fresh snow. They tracked those footprints for nearly a mile to a home on Columbus St. There they arrested 26-year-old Katie Hansen and 25-year-old Dane Bowers.

Police say the suspects entered Robinson’s home through a dog door.

Robinson said that one of the suspects, Kate Hansen, had worked for him two years ago. Dane Bowers had tried to get a job with Robinson, but Robinson said he didn’t trust him.

Both suspects are facing charges ranging from one count of burglary and robbery and two counts of kidnapping.