Police Search For Injured Person Of Interest

SPOKANE — Spokane Police Officers spent Sunday night combing hospitals, looking for a suspect wanted in connection with a stabbing that happened just after eight p.m. in Downtown Spokane.

Officers first responded to a report of gunshots at the Maplehurst Apartments at 405 S. Maple. There officers entered the building, guns drawn, searching every apartment to make sure nobody was injured.

“I heard a lot of screaming,” said witness Corey Johnson, who works at the Chevron across the street. “Running around, kicking and screaming at each other.”

Police detained two people at the apartments, a man with minor wounds and a woman with no injuries. Witnesses say the man was likely the other suspect involved in the stabbing.

“The guy kneed the other one in the face and all this wrestling around,” said Christian Fluaitt who witnessed the fight. “One guy loses his shirt over the whole thing.”

Other people living in the building said the two men knew each other and that their initial argument escalated into violence.

“Several of the people calling said they heard popping sounds, possibly gunshots” said Officer Matt Rose, with the Spokane Police Department.

According to police, blood could be found all over one unit in the apartment complex. An indication that they need to find this other person of interest soon.

“We have quite a bit of blood upstairs, so we’re guessing he’s in pretty bad shape,” said Officer Rose.

The suspect jumped over a fence and stumbled into the Chevron across the street, passing Johnson on his way to the bathroom.

“The guy that was stabbed came over here and cleaned himself up,” said Johnson. “He was covered in blood and had a pretty nice stab wound.”

Police found several guns in the apartment complex, including a handgun and a rifle. There are no indications as to wether these weapons belong to any of those involved.