Police say man creates $14K mess in downtown Spokane

Spokane Police identified a man on Thursday who went on a property crime spree two weeks ago, causing over $14,000 worth of damage, clean up and theft in downtown.

Jessie Clemens was already in jail on an unrelated robbery charge when detectives identified him as the suspect, according to police.

In a release, SPD said the spree took place during the early morning of August 15, between 5:30-6:40 a.m.

Clemens began at the Liberty Building at 203 N. Washington, where he was seen on video dumping a large barrel of grease into an alley and parking lot.

Next, surveillance footage shows Clemens stealing newspapers and kicking a picture frame, breaking the glass, at the Sherwood Building on 510 N. Riverside. Police said footage also shows Clemens take a large screen TV monitor off the wall and drop it down the stairs, causing damage to the wall and glass railing.

Clemens was also caught on video at the Chase Bank Building located at 601 W. Maine, where he tipped over a garbage can and rolled it across the skywalk.

Police said he then pulled a fire extinguisher from the wall and sprayed it on the walls and windows of several businesses.

Once at the River Park Square mall, surveillance footage shows Clemens picking up a metal bench and throwing it at the window of Francesca’s.

Though the window didn’t break, police said it bent enough for Clemens to reach inside and steal a blue BB Cap and necklace, totaling $40 worth of stolen items.

According to SPD, detectives identified Clemens by looking at photos of recently booked inmates at the Spokane County Jail, then compared them to surveillance footage.

Detectives learned Clemens had been booked the day following the crime spree for unrelated robbery charges.

Detectives also learned Clemens has a criminal history in Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas and Washington. His last conviction was in May 2019 for a robbery in King County.

When asked for his address, Clemens told Police that he has no local address, and lives “here and there.”

Clemens was charged with 2nd degree burglary and two counts of 1st degree malicious mischief. Police say the damage he caused totaled over $14,000.