Police respond to 3 shootings throughout Spokane, one fatal

SPOKANE, Wash. — Police responded to three separate shootings throughout Spokane Friday night and Saturday morning that left one person dead.

At around 9:09 p.m. Friday night, police responded to four reported gunshots near the intersection of N. Fiske and E. Ermina. Police said they found multiple 9mm shell casings in the middle of the intersection.

Chris Hopkins and his family lived near that shooting. He told 4 News Now he thought it was a car firing.

“And then the next thing we know, the cops are knocking on our door,” he said.

Witnesses reported seeing a black sedan head westbound on E. Ermina after the shots were fired.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Hopkinds said. “I guess you think it’s not going to show up in your neighborhood until it does.”

Later that night, at around 9:25 p.m., police responded to gunshots being fired in the area of 3328 N. Altamont. At the scene, police said they found casings of three different calibers (9mm, 45 and 40) in the grass near the intersection of N. Stone and E. Liberty.

Police said evidence showed four men on foot, three with handguns, shooting into the air. They then ran south through an apartment complex. No injuries were reported.

The third and fatal shooting happened in downtown Spokane. At around 12:14 a.m., two officers on patrol in the Sprague and Washington area heard gunfire. They found a man with multiple gunshot wounds down on the sidewalk of Washington just south of Riverside.

Police said a large crowd had formed and one person tried to give aid to the wounded man. One officer took over life-saving measures while the other monitored the crowd. Police said it took over 30 SPD units to control the crowd, secure the crime scene and begin an initial investigation.

The wounded man died at the hospital.

The drive by and downtown Spokane shootings are currently under investigation.

Anyone with information regarding the shootings is encouraged to call crime check at 456-2233.

This is a developing story.