Police Release New Details In Murder

SPOKANE — Spokane Police say the man accused of “brutally” killing a woman may have left a videotape of what happened.

Cole Strandberg is accused of killing Jennifer Bergeron, who police say died of strangulation, acute trauma and blood loss. Bergeron’s body was found Monday morning.

Notes were found amidst the various writings throughout Strandberg’s apartment. Detectives found one note which read “watch the shocking video of Cole Strandberg.” The word strangle was also printed in large words on that same piece of paper.

Detectives took the video camera and videotape as evidence, but they’re waiting for a search warrant before they look at it.

Thursday evening, detectives were still assuming Strandberg and the victim did not know each other. He told them he met Bergeron at the bus plaza.

Bergeron grew up in Reardan then came to Spokane where she was raised by her aunt and uncle. Her last known address was the Hope House woman’s shelter.

Bergeron’s mother has been contacted in Texas.