Police prepare for St. Patty’s Day emphasis patrols

St. Patricks’s Day is this weekend, which means area law enforcement agencies are going to be placing an enhanced emphasis on keeping area roads safe.

Each year during big drinking holidays, police everywhere ramp up their DUI enforcement. Spokane police will double the number of officers as well as placing a command post downtown.

The Spokane  County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol will also add several extra shifts.

“We see that time and time again, that folks don’t plan ahead, they don’t make those arrangements, they do think ‘Oh I can just make it this one time’ and unfortunately that is when the tragedies occur, and if it was your loved one out on the road way you would want us out there doing whatever we can,” WSP Trooper Jeff Sevigny said.

Police say if you suspect someone on the road may be driving drunk, it is your responsibility to report them by calling 9-1-1. They ask you don’t follow or pursue the drunk driver yourself, but give them the best description possible.