Police Officer Recognized For Saving Woman’s Life

SPOKANE — A Spokane police officer was honored Tuesday for his role in saving the life of a suicidal woman.

Last November Police Officer Ron Voeller was called to the Sherman Street overpass when it appeared someone was ready to jump off the bridge.The woman had both legs dangling over the railing when Voeller pulled her to safety.

Later police would learn the woman had just been released from a mental health facility and had threatened to jump.

For his actions, and with his family beside him, Voeller was awarded the police department’s Life Saving Award Tuesday.

“While all the officers who have dealt with the subject deserve praise, Officer Voeller you went above and beyond. You placed yourself in danger by pulling her off the railing without back up,” Spokane Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick said.

Voeller said he felt awkward to receive an award for something any of his colleagues would have done.