Police Investigating Attacks Against GU Students

SPOKANE — A reward of up to $1,000 is now being offered for information leading to the men who have been terrorizing Spokane’s Logan neighborhood at gunpoint recently.

Since March Gonzaga University students have been robbed and shot at in three attacks since last March.

“They started coming at me, first at a walk then jog and then they started sprinting at me,” Gonzaga senior Kyle Craig said.

Craig was nearly killed last month while walking to a friend’s house. He says he asked three unknown men what they were doing running down the street when they started chasing him.

“Once I saw them sprinting at me then I started running to my friend’s house,” Craig said.

Craig says he barely made it inside.

“As soon as I shut the door, they shot a shotgun right through glass door, glass sprayed my right arm,” he said.

“If I walked in door like I normally would I would have been shot. I hit the deck and army crawled to a room safer, wasn’t sure they were going to come in or what was going to happen,” Craig added.

The three armed men left and now Spokane police believe the same men are responsible for two other recent attacks with a shotgun.

The first incident happened back in March when students walking down Mission were robbed by three men who had a baseball bat and a shotgun. The second attack happened against Craig last month and the most recent attack happened just a few weeks ago.

In the most recent attack three students were walking home here along Nora when they were jumped by three men who were wearing hooded sweatshirts and carrying a shotgun. The suspects forced the students to the ground and stole their wallets and purses

Craig and the other victims didn’t get a good look at the suspects so police hope someone who knows them will turn them in for the reward.

If you know anything about these suspects call Crime Stoppers at 327-5111. You don’t have to leave your name to collect the reward.