Police Crack Down On 5-Mile Speeders

SPOKANE — Some cars have been going so fast that folks in the 5-mile neighborhood are fed up, now police are doing something about it.

“I was the second house built in this development and I’ve noticed cars passing up here in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, doing at least 50 miles per hour,” Marty Pace said.

The ‘speeders’ are not always from somewhere else.

“Everybody that I’ve stopped and dealt with on North 5-mile Road actually live up here on the prairie,” said Spokane Sheriff Deputy, Craig Chamberlin.

One-by-one Deputy Craig Chamberlin and his partner pulled over dozens of vehicles going at least 10 miles per hour over the limit.

He said this patrol is less about tickets and more about safety .

“We wanna avoid a serious injury collision,” Deputy Chamberlin said.

Since school has started Deputy Chamberlin has been much busier.

“It’s extreamly busy; lot of traffic. And safety is the biggest issue,” said Deputy Chamberlin.

Neighbors like Marty Pace worry the worst could happen.

“There’s too many kids up here. Little kids,” Pace said.

Deputies say that if they stayed out there all day, they would run out of paper to write up tickets.

“The most common excuse is people is ‘i didn’t realize the speed limit is 25 miles per hour.’ And it is posted at the bottom, at the top of the hill, and the middle of the hill,” said Deputy Chamberlin.

Deputy Chamberlin said until they see a significant decrese in the amount of speeders, they will continue their emphasis patrol.