Police: Bellingham man punches baby in the head

Police say a Bellingham man with a history of mental illness punched a baby in the head so hard the child needed hospitalization.

The Bellingham Herald reports that 28-year-old Daniel Joshua Bravo was arrested Sunday after the baby’s father and two witnesses chased him down and held him until officers arrived.

The baby and the family were in restaurant having lunch when Bravo entered the establishment.

The mother was cradling the baby in her arms when Bravo sprinted at them from behind and, still running, punched the baby in the head. The suspect used so much force the baby almost fell from the mother’s arms, but she caught her child just in time.

Bravo was booked into jail for assault in the second degree, a class A felony. He has a well-documented history of mental illness, hallucinations and drug use.