Police arrest man accused of randomly assaulting 6 people in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police arrested a man who they say randomly assaulted six people across Spokane in December.

Police released a video of a man approaching two women who were sitting on the ground, spraying them with bear spray, kicking them in the head, and walking away. SPD says the assault occurred on December 17 at Wall and Spokane Falls Blvd.

Bear Spray Assault from SpokanePD on Vimeo.

Police say shortly after the attack, two people sitting outside a business on W. Main St. were both punched in an unprovoked manner.

Later the same day, SPD says a woman standing outside a store at the Heritage Village Shopping Center was also sprayed with bear spray and kicked without warning or provocation.

Later, on December 20, police say a man in a bathroom of a store at the Northpointe Plaza was punched and hit with a hammer in another random attack.

Police believe these assaults all stemmed from the same suspect, who was identified as 37-year-old Gary B. Ault.

Police charged Ault with first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree assault. Additional charges are possible.

Ault is being held in Spokane County Jail on a $175,000 bond.

Police say Ault has 14 prior convictions for burglary, theft, and possession of stolen property.

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