Plow drivers face people with snow rage

Plow drivers face people with snow rage

Some people in Spokane County are so upset by this week’s heavy snow fall, they may be afflicted with snow rage.

A county officials says two snow plow drivers were threatened by people upset that the plowing produces berms that seal off their driveways.

County spokeswoman Martha Lou Wheatley-Billeter says a man with a holstered handgun yelled at a plow driver and climbed onto the plow on Wednesday. That prompted the driver to call 911.

Spokane County sheriff’s deputies responded but did not charge the man with a crime since he had a permit to carry the gun.

On Thursday morning, another angry Spokane resident told a plow driver not to plow a berm into his driveway. Wheatley-Billeter said that man threatened to get a firearm.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich warned people not to intimidate plow drivers.

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