Pig Out in the Park 2017: By The Numbers

Pig Out in the Park 2017: By The Numbers

Despite construction almost surrounding Riverfront Park, thanks to loyal patrons and vendors, the 38th annual Pig Out In The Park has been a success.

“The construction hasn’t phased Pig Out at all. It’s been amazing actually,” beamed Joey Azar.

Azar, of Azar’s Deep Fried Haven, knows what he’s talking about. His family has been serving up Greek food to Spokane for decades, and the 29-year-old hasn’t missed a Pig Out in his life

“There’s no event like Pig Out. Not anywhere in the world. I used to do events everywhere, all over the United States, and Pig Out is in its own class.”

By the end of Labor Day – it’s estimated Pig Out will have drawn 110,000 people throughout the 6 days, and nearly 200,000 meals sold. All in all, sales are expected to be around $1.2 million – successful numbers that many vendors attribute to one man; Pig Out founder and organizer Bill Burke.

“Bill Burke is great, he’s a great promoter, construction or not, he directs the people where they need to be. I don’t know how he does it to be honest. I mean I just manage one booth. This guy is doing 45 booths looking out for everybody,” exclaimed Azar.

“I’m just lucky,” smiled Burke, who was spending his Monday morning picking up trash.

“I’ve been in Spokane for a long time, I know a lot of people. So we’re able to build a support every year, that’s why we’re able to do this and give it to the community for free.”