Pickleball Playground opens as Spokane’s designated destination to play America’s fastest-growing sport

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s the fastest growing sport in America, the official state sport of Washington and one of three activities that could lower your risk of an early death according to a new health study.

You can play pickleball anywhere, but there’s a new dedicated facility for it here in Spokane.

Pickleball Playground, located at 10505 N Newport Hwy, just had its grand opening in August 2022.

The facility has five indoor courts: three of them cushion courts that are easy on the knees and joints, and two of them Picklemaster Challenge courts, with hard playing surfaces up to USA Pickleball standards.

There are also nine outdoor courts that were just finished this month.

To make the most of your game at Pickleball Playground, you need to sign up for a membership, but there are also weekly drop-in times for people to just come in and play.

With a membership, you can enjoy lessons, clinics, join a league, play in tournaments and so much more.

For more information on all things Pickleball Playground, see the official website.

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