Photos Show Suspect With Cuts And Bruises

SPOKANE — Pictures were released Wednesday, taken the night that Spokane Police Officer Rob Boothe reportedly kicked a suspect in the face after he was already under arrest.

In the photos, the victim 22-year-old John Luna can be seen with a noticeable gash on his chin. One of the pictures appears to have been taken right after the assault.

Luna said that he was in handcuffs laying on the ground when Officer Boothe kicked him in the face.

Another picture taken at the Spokane County Jail shows bruising on Luna’s chin.

Detectives have recommended that Boothe be charged with 4th Degree Misdemeanor Assault.

Boothe is a 14 year veteran of the Spokane Police Department. He came into contact with Luna earlier in September, when Luna led police on a chase in a stolen car.

A police spokewswoman says that Luna was vocal and insulting to officers the night of the chase.

For now Boothe is on paid administrative leave while proseuctors decide whether or not to press charges. If he is convicted of the charge, he would likely still remain a certified member of the force.