Pete Davidson brought his mom on ‘SNL’

Comedian Pete Davidson showed off his mother — and current roommate — on the Weekend Update segment of “Saturday Night Live,” partly in the hopes that she would meet someone like Jon Hamm.

And with some help from “SNL,” she got her Mother’s Day gift.

The segment began with Davidson, 25, talking about living with his mom. Unlike those people who gift a house for their mothers, Davidson said he bought a house with her.

“If I buy a house, I’m gonna live in it,” he said.

After calling her the “greatest roommate in the world,” Davidson then brought out the lady herself, Amy Davidson, wearing a bright pink sweater featuring drawings of her and her son’s face.

“What do you guys have planned for tomorrow?” host Colin Jost asked the two.

“What do you mean? I put her on TV. This is it,” Davidson said. “You don’t know, Jon Hamm could be single and watching.”

“I’d also settle for James Spader,” his mother said.

“You’d settle for a Ninja Turtle,” Davidson responded. “I just need a dad.”

Hamm wasn’t just watching though; he was actually on set. And in the closing moments of the show, he and Amy Davidson chatted and had their arms around each other.

Davidson recently told “The Tonight Show” that he and his mom bought a house together and that he lives in the basement. His father, a New York City firefighter, died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.