People living at Camp Hope react to law enforcement’s closure notices

SPOKANE, Wash. — Some at Camp Hope were emotional, not knowing the future of what they call their home. Others are prepared for whatever happens next.

Kathy Kerans wrapped up her shift at Camp Hope’s resource tent, knowing what a night is like at the camp.

“It’s cold, very cold,” Kerans said. “We have buddy heaters and things like that.”

Kerans has lived at Camp Hope with her dog for the past nine months.

“It’s safer for me here than it would be by myself somewhere,” she said. “At least I have everybody, there’s a lot of good people here. We have some bad, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a lot of good people here too.”

As she waits for permanent housing, Camp Hope is her temporary home.

“What are we going to do? It’s almost Christmas time, so they’re going to come in here and break us all up before Christmas time and send us all out, by ourselves, alone?”

Earl Anderson, however, says he’s prepared for what’s to come.

“I’d be ready for that because of these flyers,” he said. “I have what I call a fall-out bag. I’m already packed up.”

He’s also waiting for housing and doesn’t think the warning from local law enforcement is necessary.

“It’s unhumanly for people to want people to come out of their tents and not survive,” Anderson said. “There’s not places open right now. There’s no housing.”

Kerans says she doesn’t want her life and job dissolved.

“It’s hard, but we’re working through it,” Kerans said.

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