People Beat The Heat In Downtown Spokane

SPOKANE — There were big events in Spokane, on one of the hottest days of the year. The Garland District Fair and Unity in the Community at Riverfront Park certainly felt the heat.

Water, sunscreen, and shade is what kept big crowds cool on Saturday.

All you had to do was follow the yellow brick road to find The Garland District’s annual fair. The fair showcases local business in the area, this year’s theme the Wizard of Oz. Brave volunteers wore costumes despite the sweltering heat.

“Every year it has been hot,” said Garland Fair Organizer, Lu Carver. “It’s been in the nineties every year with no rain and this is the hottest, we’re cooking.”

Ice cream and lemonade stands stayed busy. Other popular beat the heat alternatives could be found, such as accessories like cooling gel neck wraps.

And just across town folks packed Riverfront Park for the Unity in the Community event. The annual event usually draws crowds between 10,000 and 12,000 people.

“This type of event is important to Spokane because we need the community to realize that there is diversity in Spokane,” said event organizer Ronnie Oliver.

This year crowds huddled in the shade and fans stayed busy offering much needed relief. Organizers expect to see temperatures sore into the nineties every year and they prepare for it.

“We give away bottled water all day and we have a first aid station,” said Pat Spanjer. “There’s the park fountain that a lot of people are taking advantage of today and there’s of course snow cones, and we have a lot of shade in Riverfront Park.”

Unity in the Community ended Saturday afternoon and the Garland Street Fair ended Saturday night at eight p.m., in the midst of the hottest days of summer.