Parents to pick out Christmas presents thanks to Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Programs

SPOKANE, Wash — On Thursday, parents were able to pick out gifts through the Salvation Army’s annual Toys-N-Joy event.

Christmas wasn’t something Jessica Johnson believed she could afford this year. Through donations from the Salvation Army’s ‘Angel Trees,’ Johnson was able to fill her Christmas tree with presents.

“Your money and all your finances go towards your home, and everything else, and you may not be able to get what you want for them, but this definitely helps and gives the amazing opportunity for them to have presents.”

Through the ‘Angel Trees,’ Salvation Army was able to collect around three thousand gifts for kids of all ages.

“We just want to share the love at Christmas, because Christmas is about the love that came with Christ, and we want to bring that joy and that love that came with Christmas and share with others,” said Major Jenni Perine.

The Salvation Army collects donations of toys throughout the year for programs and families in need.

For more information on how to donate, click HERE.

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