Parents Looking For Ways To Cut Costs

SPOKANE VALLEY — As children get ready to head back to school parents are looking for ways to pinch pennies for school supplies.

As the economy hits the nation hard with high costs for important necessities like gas and food, back-to-school season fast approaches and parents are sure to be diligent with their budgets.  

Parents will likely spend less this school season, cutting back on the amount of items they purchase and choosing budget-friendly supplies and apparel for their children.

Once Upon A Child
in The Spokane Valley provides a solution for local parents trying to save money. 

“Today’s economy is affecting the purchase choices of many of our local shoppers,” Amy Prado, co-owner of Spokane’s Once Upon A Child, said.

Once Upon A Child buys and resells quality kids apparel up to teen sizes, as well as toys, furniture and equipment, and even some brand-new items, at a deep discount over mall retail prices.

Area residents also have the option of selling their items to earn extra money, or buying needed items at budget-friendly costs.

TNS Retail Forward, which tracks consumer spending plans reports that shoppers will be “shopping down,” spending about $506 on school-related items this year, compared to last year’s $668.

People will be more inclined to look for discounts and deals found in stores like Once Upon a Child.