Parents address concerns with staff at Central Valley safety information night

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash — On Thursday, parents gathered at Ridgeline High School for an Information Night on School Safety.

For Maria Garcia-Bachman, safety is top of mind when she sends her kids to school. One of them goes to school completely online, the other has a hybrid schedule, because of safety concerns.

“[My biggest fear is] that my kids will be shot at school and that I will be standing outside with all the rest of the parents waiting for the news, and that the parents in the area will not care,” Garcia-Bachman said.

Brian Asmus is the director of safety and security for the Central Valley School District.

He addressed preventative measures in place, like if a student were to use concerning search words at school.

“Those key search things that are looked up on the Central Valley school system will send an alert to the school administrator,” Asmus said.

He also addressed what parents should know if a situation were to happen similar to the fake active shooter calls at Lewis and Clark High School.

“We will let you know if your child is being evacuated, and where to meet them,” Asmus said.

Asmus explained that their school safety plan is a combination of lessons learned from situations nationally and locally.

From this information night, CVSD superintendent Dr. John Parker who was in attendance, said they’ll be working on improving protocols and working on the concerns brought up in the meeting.

For more information about Central Valley School District’s school safety plan, click HERE.