Packed In: Realtors turn to cold calling to get more homes on the market

SPOKANE, Wash. — There’s only a 14-day supply of homes in Spokane which means supply can’t keep up with demand. With not enough homes available, realtors are thinking outside the box to add inventory. Their methods mean you’re probably getting phone calls, even if you have no intention to sell.

“I will call and say ‘hey, I have buyers that are looking for a home in your area’,” said Stacey Overtoom, a Keller Williams realtor. “Have you thought about selling in today’s market?”

Overtoom is making these phone calls more often because she has buyers who keep putting in offers with no success.

“I am doing it more right now only because buyers are getting desperate,” she said.

However, she has a method to the phone calls. It’s called circle prospecting. If someone wants to live in a specific neighborhood, Overtoom will call families who already live there. She’s also reaching out to people if their neighbors recently listed. She says the responses she receives are all over the place, but she’s been able to close some deals on homes that didn’t even make it to market.

Jericho Meyer is getting these calls and texts after living in her current home for six years.

“It’s really weird because your home is where you live. That’s very personal to you,” Meyer said. “For someone to be like, oh we want that. It’s very strange.”

Meyer’s says what’s also strange is how the agents are finding people to call. She says her daughter got a text asking to buy her home. She usually ignores the messages or doesn’t respond to the phone calls.

“I just find it really annoying,” Meyer said. “Oh, here’s another one, delete.”

Overtoom says when she sits down to call, she’ll try 100-200 numbers. She’ll only get a response from about 10% of calls and then has only one or two people who actually consider the idea. She’s just trying to help her clients navigate this crazy market.

“I’m not a telemarketer. I’m not soliciting anything,” Overtoom said. “I am really trying to do a service for my clients.”

However, Overtoom won’t call anyone on the Do Not Call lists. Her system scans for who’s signed up, and she won’t reach out. If you want to get your name added to the Do Not Call list, click here.

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