Packed In: Here’s why your property tax will be higher next year

SPOKANE, Wash — Earlier this week, the Spokane County Assessor’s office sent property valuation notices to more than 213,000 homeowners in Spokane County.

“We are required by law to reevaluate every parcel’s value every single year,” said Tom Konis, Spokane County Assessor.

The average of home values in Spokane county has gone up 30%, with one area increasing by nearly 34%.

However, Konis says your tax bill is limited to a 1% increase in your budget.

“The problem is with the school districts. They are allowed to use a fixed-rate levy. In other words, most of them around here are now $2.50,” said Konis.

If you paid $2.50 last year, you would pay some amount per a thousand dollars of assessed values again this year, but with higher assessed values.

If your home assessment is $500,000, you are paying $1,250. With 30% increased values, it will be $1,625. You will be paying $375 more.

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School portions of the levy will go up, which is a majority of your tax bill.

But what about the remainder of your tax bill, the other approximately 40%?

The treasurer of Spokane County, Michael Baumgartner, says it goes to what you voted for.

“Biggest determinate of what happens to people’s tax rates depend on the voters themselves,” said Baumgartner.

40% of your tax bill is self-imposed by you, the voter.

“It’s interesting how many people understand when they vote yes to a bond or levy. They are voting an increase on your taxes,” said Baumgartner.

In the meantime, if you are not satisfied with your home assessment, you still have a choice to challenge the assessment.

“Last year, 73% of the appeals that were filed, we settled before it went to the hearing. So we either stipulated and agreed with the different value, or the taxpayer will withdraw their appeals,” said Konis.

If you think your property assessment is not right, contact the appraiser. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, the Board of Equalization will review your challenge for free.

You need to file your appeal by July 6th.

Baumgartner also says there is a property tax assistance program available for people who are low-income seniors and disabled.

Click HERE or contact Spokane County Treasurer’s office.

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