Outdoor Storytellers – Remembering Benny

SPOKANE — During the holiday season, many families get together to share meals and memories, and for the family and friends of Benny Buchanan, this year’s festivities are especially important.

Benny Buchanan knows a lot about fishing and he is not shy about sharing his knowledge with anyone who wants to listen.

“Tarpon, oh they really are a unique fish. The way they bite. You feel a click, click and then a click, click and then oh man that pole just bends down over the boat,” Benny said.

Benny has been fishing all his life and he has been to many different places throughout the world. His experiences are unique and he is always ready to pass along his stories.

“Up in Alaska on the Kenai River then let’s go to Mexico. We went to Mazatlan first then different places. And we’d go in Mexico two and three times a year. We only went four times out of the country a year,” Benny said. “People go ‘ oh you went fishing all the time.’ No. We fished when. There’s only certain times out of the year that the fishing’s good. In the Kenai River you don’t fish it at a certain time. You fish it in the spring. And it’s good. The same way in Mexico. The black marlin are late in the fall. I can’t stand the heat in the fall so we fish in the spring.”

Last April, “Outdoor Storytellers,” did a story on Benny and his life as a fisherman. He talked about the 96 different fish he caught and how he was able to mount all of them in his hotel in Colville.

“I feel better when I’m out fishing. When you’re out there fishing you feel good. That’s the way it is and at my age if I can get a fly-rod in my hand and toss that fly to that guy that’s jumping over there,” Benny said.

However, a few months ago, Benny passed away. It was a huge blow to the fishing community, but through the memories of Benny’s friends and family, his legacy will live on. Benny’s Grandson Andy has learned a lot from his grandfather.

“You work hard and you build a business or a savings or whatever. You work hard so you can go do something and enjoy it,” Andy said. “There’s a lot of other reasons but if you don’t get the chance to enjoy life you’re miserable.”

Benny was proud of his life experiences, and everyone around him knew that. He was a great man and a great fisherman, who lived by one piece of advice.

“Just go do it. Go fishing,” Andy said.