Outdoor Storytellers – Meditating On Skis

BEND, OR — Whenever possible, Dale Navich lives for the moment. And a recent heli-skiing trip provided one of the better opportunities for that.

“Today was an exceptional day,” he said of his first heli-skiing experience. “Definitely one of the best days ever.”

He said the powder was so thick flying up in your face that you might be wise to wear a snorkel.

“I wasn’t thinking about what I had to get back to do or what lay ahead of me,” he said. “I was just so in the moment.”

This recent trip to Bend, Oregon to descend out of a helicopter and down virgin trails on the mountain was certainly meant as an adventure and an experience, but it’s a type of therapy as well.

“For me that’s it,” he claims. “This is my meditation.”

And for him, as is true with other adrenaline junkies and outdoor fanatics, there’s nothing else that compares.

“When I put skis on my feet and I’m out having an adventure, there’s just nothing like it,” Dale says.